Why Move? A Safe Language for Programming with Money

“Move is a next-generation language for secure, sandboxed, and formally verified programming. Its first use case is for the Diem blockchain (Meta / Facebook), where Move provides the foundation for its implementation. Move allows developers to write programs that flexibly manage and transfer assets while providing security and protection against attacks on those assets. However, Move has been developed with use cases in mind outside a blockchain context.

Move takes its cue from Rust by using resource types with move (hence the name) semantics as an explicit representation of digital assets, such as currency.” [https://bit.ly/3VcR9M2]

The most valuable Layer-1 that adopts Move are Aptos blockchain, Sui, Starcoin, Aptos, Diem, and SUI.

Move is natively designed to implement the following features:

  • Determinism
  • Memory and type-safe
  • Metered execution
  • Optimized to encode / transfer value

Support for scarce resources natively avoiding:

a) Avoiding resource duplication

b) Double spending

c) Destruction

All the properties reported help the developer to deploy faster and safer code, which is crucial for Decentralized applications that handle a considerable amount of money.

From the images below, we can observe how digital assets are mapped with Move.

FIG1 — Move State

FIG2 — Solidity state


From FIG1 we can understand that digital assets are not mapped within a contract in Move. Instead, they are associated with a specific account, so it’s easier and safer to transfer them, and potentially they’re uncorrelated from the parent.

For more detail about Move, please watch the video [https://bit.ly/3CImhfw]



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